What is Cursed Crew?

You’re the captain of a cursed ship in this crew management roguelite! You’re responsible for giving orders, managing the ship’s resources, keeping your crew happy, fighting pirates and beasts, and taking charge when all hell breaks loose. But you and your crew are cursed, destined to sail endlessly, unless you can find a way to break free! 
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The Cursed Crew

A ship needs both a captain and a crew. As the captain, you command your crew and stock the ship with supplies and food to keep everyone happy and healthy. You also plunder and spend treasure, plot your ship’s course, and pick story events that lead to battles, treasure, or secrets.

Your crew takes care of the ship with or without orders: they steer, build, repair, go fishing, and prepare meals. In battle, they put out fires, haul supplies, load and man cannons, and defend your ship from beasts and enemy sailors. Your crew is an asset—so long as their morale is high. Positive events like well-fought victories, a good night’s rest, and delicious food and grog boost your crew’s morale, whereas unpleasant situations like lost battles, shipmate deaths, sleep deprivation, and starvation hurt it. A resentful crew member is a problem: they might ignore your orders, throw destructive tantrums, lose all motivation to work, or even start a mutiny against you!